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Sending medical records securely in the health sector

Sending medical records from one hospital to another is a major job for any healthcare sector. A patient may change their place of treatment depending on the diagnosis that is to be done. So any physician would require the medical records of an individual before starting the treatment. So ending medical records safely from one place to another is not that easy. Secure medical record exchange needs to be very systematic. Emails, CD, DVD, FTP transfer is all not that great when it comes to security.

Medical record is something very personal and highly sensitive. Also the above mentioned methods of file transfer are not that fast. There comes the dire need of some other medium that can be used to transfer files securely. Sending sensitive documents with complete security is possible with the help of XMedius. XMediusSendSecure is one such medium to secure data while transferring it to the destination. The strong and double encryption feature of this online based solution is good enough to prevent any kind of data breach. Two factor authentication (2FA) is another security feature of SendSecure that would help one to transfer files without any kind of worries. The virtual safebox keeps all your data safe and secure away from the hands of hackers. Moreover, the sender can monitor the file access and downloads from any corner of the earth on any device connected to the Internet.

The best part of this online based solution is the seamless easy user interface. Any health sector can send large volumes of data as and when required without worrying about the size limit per message which goes from 10MB with a standard file exchange solution to 5GB with SendSecure! The data will be stored safely in a virtual place which can be accessed by the user as and when required. The simple integration and superior user experience is something great when it comes to sensitive file transfer with the help of SendSecure. The best part is one gets a notification when the data has been delivered to the recipient. So hospitals can keep track of whether the data has been sent or not with the help of this online server solution. Without the pain of any user account , simply a voice call, email or OTP can help the user to retrieve message as and when required. SendSecure sends an audit record of the exchange that has taken place after the data is transferred to the destination. SendSecure can thus be said as one of the major medium to transfer sensitive data, medical reports to another medical organization without any hassle. As you can setup the SendSecure plugin in Microsoft Outlook, sending encrypted messages has never been that easy.

Doctors, nurses, hospital administration can seamlessly use this medium to transfer data, medical reports to another place as and when required. In this modern world, where data breaching has become a persistent problem, this can be considered as one of the safe methods to transfer files as per requirements. This enterprise grade solution has really proved to be one of the major revolutionary changes that has left behind secured transfer mediums like Google Drive and Dropbox. Combined with high end security feature, this online solution is also great in storing all the medical records. So if you are looking for a secure archive, none other place can be better than this. Thus it can be concluded by saying that SendSecure can be considered as one of the best solution to send medical records to other organization.



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