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Month: September 2014

The importance of Brand Registration

Brand registration is a way of securing the actual owner of the brand, as well as the protection provided by the state. In it contains the essential substance relating to the registration process, that is the time lag between the submission of the implementation, acceptance and announcements. The three stages that can affect the attitude of a third party for its registered brand, so that it opens out the possibility of cancellation of the registration of a trademark. The extent to which the legal protection of the brand can be reflected in the way how the registration of the brand recognition and the implications of the cancellation.

Form of protection of the country of registration is the only brand to be registered on the basis of a request made in good faith that the brand owner have. In the market often encounter items that mimic and resemble the famous brand which can cause confusion for the public about the truth in purchasing the goods. As a result of these actions lead to losses for both the real brand owners, as well as for consumers for having cheated on the quality of the goods that have been bought.

In construction law, these actions can be categorized as an unlawful act,  jurisprudence broadly defined, is any act which is seen as inappropriate, unreasonable, or not driven in the association community. As a tort, can be prosecuted responsibility, realized in the form of indemnity before the court and an order to stop using that brand is deemed unlawful.