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Month: August 2014

Moral of the capitalist economic system in business law

Personal morals will affect social moral, social morals will affect the morale of the nation, and the nation’s morale will affect the moral world. Moral and cultural traditions will form. Culture will form a color the economic, educational, social, and political. In the midst of capitalist globalization with its main characteristic, noble morals in society cleared off the value of consumerism, materialism, permissiveness, hedonism, all of which stems from secularism. Almost in all sectors of life, especially the economy, consumption patterns, culture, mindset; has fostered capitalist ways. Capitalism [1] that growth well in Western countries also have much affect third world countries / developing countries, which is mostly not ready against the capitalist system, to grow in ways that capitalism, especially in terms of economy.

The reality is due to a minor setback and backwardness of the people in most developing countries and the poor, as a result of advances in science and technology expansionary and spectacular capitalism. Social and cultural structure is now no longer able to stem the phenomenon is real crucial. Society loses its moral legitimacy and charisma amid the economic and technological competition, so people are more sedated advances created capitalism that promises pleasure, satisfaction, liberality, progression, and fatwas hedonists than its moral appeal, without penalty.

The majority of the public glare of the progress of civilization and retrieve the results of capitalism as a whole, without correction and selection first. The influence of science and technology is incredible. People are increasingly ignoring some even almost all social and moral kaedah their religion and turned into individual separated from each other, alienated, and frustrated. Technology has alienate and destroy the culture slowly but surely. Moral consists of a set of rules that monitor human behavior and to determine which acts something bad or good or moral. Moral terms can be taken as a yardstick in assessing a behavior, or any action can be reviewed in terms of morality. [2] Similarly, the capitalist economic system, can be evaluated in terms of morality through the basic provisions in the law business.